Paul Lyons

Director,Co-founder & Creator of Numen

We, the keepers.

When I think of these words I am reminded of how we go about our time on this amazing planet.  Ecocentric is not just a name, but an aspiration, an ideal where we are more ecologically aligned. I began this journey with a desire for Ecocentric to be a conscious business, where our purpose is central to everything that we do and every decision we make.  With technology, I believe that we can change, that we can create a society where our buildings are like trees and our cities like forests. It is a grand vision which may take a thousand years to accomplish, but it is the kind of legacy which we embody within our company culture and a journey that makes me proud to be part of.

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Russ Wilson


Russ’s first break into the world of renewable energy came in 1990 when he was employed by the Murdoch University Energy Research Institute as an information officer at the Solar Energy Information Centre. This led to energy management training with the State Energy Corporation and a role in Western Australia’s first survey on energy efficiency in the residential market. 

Since inception in 2010, Russ has lead the Catalyst program tasked with bringing together various organisations and energy efficiency solutions by utilising Numen Data.

Along with the Ecocentric Energy team, Russ has chosen to develop and follow a business strategy, which seeks to benefit both human beings and the environment, by embracing the opportunity of the digital age and the principles of innovation, collaboration and market improvement/disruption.

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Dr Ross Waring


Ross’s career, spanning three decades and three continents, commenced in Australia in Mechanical Engineering in power generation and energy management, before moving to the UK to focus on Oil & Gas equipment design and manufacture.

After 4 years as a Volunteer Engineer in Central America, Ross completed his MSc and PhD Engineering studies at London’s Imperial College in novel power generations and hybrid vehicle systems. He was part of the founding team, and later Director of Distributed Generation, that spun the developed technology out of the University.

Following that, Ross became either the Director, CEO or Chairman of a number of early-stage companies in the UK and Australia. He gained vast experience in the foundation, management and growth of emerging companies, taking innovative high-technology concepts in energy, petrochemical and Oil & Gas sectors through development and commercialisation to IPO/Trade Sale.

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Anton Menkveld


Anton is passionate about technology and creating technology solutions that form the basis of profitable & sustainable businesses. Educated as an electronic engineer, his background is technical with an in-depth knowledge of software systems and in particular cloud-based and mobile software technology. 

His technical background combined with 15 years experience in creating and operating businesses around technology provides him with a unique skill set in creating technology-based businesses.

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Tim Bray


I believe that doing good and good business can be the same thing.  I also believe that many of the solutions to the world’s biggest challenges will not be led by governments but rather by movements of people driven by a clear purpose.  A new generation of change led by conscious businesses reinterpreting free enterprise to edit out the “greed is good” legacy.

At Ecocentric I am surrounded by people who, for their own reasons, also believe in this. 

My journey to this point has been a diverse one that has included work in government, the energy sector and business.  From my beginnings as an aspiring marine scientist I have always approached life as a series of experiments, and the lessons from all of my experiences help me to navigate the highly dynamic world of Ecocentric.

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Grant Tuohy


Grant has lived most of his life between travels, living in London, and working in media for most of his career. He started in music, moved into television production with the BBC then journeyed his way through to production and the commercial media environment.

Ultimately, Grant is a creative. In brand development and marketing, he can take a notion or idea, and make it real, make it tangible and send a message out into the world that has the potential to make a real difference.

Grant needs to believe in what he does. So when Ecocentric invited him to be a part of the team in Western Australia, he knew he’d begun a journey that he would be proud to be a part of. 

He aspires to reconnect to purpose and says he is very fortunate to have found a collective force of similarly motivated and brilliant individuals at Ecocentric. 

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Keith Sutton


Keith is an articulate, innovative, analytical business relationship manager, with a striking ability to understand the consumer and connect business needs to deliver growth. Fifteen years in private and public sectors mainly in the leisure industry has provided Keith with numerous skills from strategic thinking to team management.  He is driven by a having an impact on the bigger picture and believes that companies should act as a force of good in society.

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Ben Harrington


Ben has extensive experience in Business Development having initially worked in the corporate benefits market where he counted some of Europe’s largest blue chip companies as his clients.  More recently Ben has turned his skills towards digital marketing where he specialises in business to business online digital promotion.

Ben now works as Business Development Director for Ecocentric in the UK and is responsible for driving interest and engagement for Ecocentric’s product Numen.

Ben says: “Numen represents a paradigm shift in how we monitor, manage and interact with energy in the built environment. It’s capabilities present almost unlimited opportunities for a more productive, efficient and greener workplace”.

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Ashe Denton


Life is filled with things worth doing. For Ashe, being surrounded by a passionate team of people who genuinely make a difference is both infectious and inspiring and makes you strive that bit harder to make great things happen.

With a background in stakeholder relations and a Commerce Degree with a major in Management, Ashe’s experience has set her up well for the role as Ecocentric’s Business Manager.

Ashe is a strong relationship builder with a proven ability to act as a trusted advisor for senior stakeholders to support organisations and meet commercial and social objectives.

She has a passion for photography and believes that creative ideas are born from inspiration. As such, working with people who inspire is essential.

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Mark Lombardi


Mark believes in fostering and nurturing healthy vibrant communities from the grass roots up. 

Through his life experiences, Mark has worked with great people making valuable contributions on some amazing projects.

Currently focused on all things web related, Mark uses technology to bring about conscious change in the ways we use and perceive the energy around us. His life’s journey thus far has been one of self-realisation and self-discovery. Working at Ecocentric allows him to express the next grand vision of himself.

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Dewald Pretorius


Dewald loves going into work each day knowing that the team is completely focused on shared goals and that no challenge is unsurmountable. The whole team has a passion to make the world a better place.

Dewald has ten years of experience in software development, designing and automating test protocols, network security, ISO 17025, database integration and project management. Dewald is always learning, always improving and always passionate.

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