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We believe our technologies will lead to vastly smarter buildings that will use a fraction of the energy they currently consume.

We believe business will invest in smarter products when they know the true cost of the products they currently use.

We believe everyone deserves access to transparent energy data, in real time.

We believe businesses will better manage energy, when they have the tools to measure it.

We believe access to energy data should be simple.

We believe energy costs should be cheaper for all businesses.

We believe it’s possible for all businesses to get to net zero.

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Ecocentric works with businesses to unlock hidden potential energy savings, use and performance. 

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Russ Wilson

Director, Co-Founder, Numen Catalyst

Since inception in 2010, Russ has lead the Catalyst program tasked with bringing together various organisations and energy efficiency solutions by utilising Numen Data.

Grant Tuohy

Chief Executive Officer

Ultimately, Grant is a creative. In brand development and marketing, he can take a notion or idea, and make it real, make it tangible and send a message out into the world that has the potential to make a real difference.

Anton Menkveld

Chief Technology Officer

Educated as an electronic engineer, his background is technical with an in-depth knowledge of software systems and in particular cloud-based and mobile software technology.

Colin McDonald

Chief Financial Officer

Colin is a Chartered Accountant with a background in technology, healthcare and mining.

Ashe Denton

Business Manager

With a background in stakeholder relations and a Commerce Degree with a major in Management, Ashe’s experience has set her up well for the role as Ecocentric’s Business Manager.

Dewald Pretorius

Manager Hardware Development and Operations

Dewald has ten years of experience in software development, designing and automating test protocols, network security, ISO 17025, database integration and project management.

Ben Harrington

Business Development - UK

Ben now works as Business Development Director for Ecocentric in the UK and is responsible for driving interest and engagement for Ecocentric’s product Numen.

Keith Sutton

Business Development - UK

Fifteen years in private and public sectors mainly in the leisure industry has provided Keith with numerous skills from strategic thinking to team management.

Mark Lombardi

New Products Development Manager

Mark uses technology to bring about conscious change in the ways we use and perceive the energy around us.

Gert Van De Merwe

Senior Systems Engineer

Gert has worked in the industries of mining, military and medical.

Connor Gregory

Student Engineer

Becoming the first student engineer on the Ecocentric team, Connor is completing his thesis working to develop fault analysis functionality with Numen.

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