Numen - At the centre of Digital Transformation

The cloud-based Numen AI analytics platform continuously monitors, analyses and learns the performance and usage patterns of your buildings electrical infrastructure and devices to predict faults for pre-emptive maintenance, as well as device performance and status, safety, and efficiencies.

This is leading-edge business intelligence AI powered analytics for your buildings entire device portfolio, fully connected and IOT ready to interact with other data sets like weather data, building management systems or other sensor arrays.

Numen Arc Detection 
Early Warning Fire Detection

Numen has the ability to detect electrical failure or arcing, which is the main cause of electrical fires. Fire risk, is of course a global concern throughout industrial, commercial and residential buildings and is generally the biggest premium load in buildings' insurance policies.

Ecocentric's Numen technology provides that early warning fire detection capability with its customisable user interface that can alert occupants, building managers or even emergency services to potential hazard via a smartphone app or computer, long before an electrical arc turns into a fire.

Numen’s arc detection and notification capability alone is game changing; a truly disruptive global product.


Numen - Digital transformation for the built world

Numen learns the energy usage patterns of your business, to predict faults for pre-emptive maintenance and efficiency.

Your entire equipment portfolio connected with other data sets, like weather and Building Management Systems.

See your energy usage at the building level, or drill right down for detailed data and insights into the operation of each and every business device in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Understand the energy use of all your business equipment and devices from one screen.

Understand, analyse and optimise your buildings energy environment like never before. Efficiencies, safety, productivity – discover crucial insights into every connected device in real time across your business or entire portfolio.

Energy Enlightenment

Numen’s detailed energy data highlights inefficiencies and helps streamline your business to save you money and ultimately reduce your carbon footprint.

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