Perth-based energy efficiency start-up Ecocentric announces new Chairman

Ecocentric has announced the appointment of Dr Ross Waring as Chairman in a move that will harness his expertise working with start-ups to commercialise technology and prepare them for trade sales and global listings.

‍Ross Waring, Ecocentric Chairman

Dr Waring is internationally recognised for pioneering Green Tech applications, oil and gas technologies and compact power systems for distributed generation.

He’s previously held positions as the CEO of London-based HeliSwirl Technologies Ltd - an oil and gas engineering company and creator of efficiency technology that was eventually bought by Technip.

He’s also been a Director of Turbo Genset Co. Ltd, which developed compact power systems for distributed generation.

More recently Dr Waring has been Chairman of Geo Oceans – a marine habitat and survey company, which was sold to Scotland-based Global Energy Group.

He’s also a Director of KBC Advanced Technologies, which is part of a group which was recently sold to Tokyo-based Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

Dr Waring’s appointment will bring a wealth of international experience to the Perth-based start-up as it seeks to commercialise its ‘Numen’ energy efficiency device.
Numen is a disruptive technology which will empower businesses and households to make decisions about their energy use so they can significantly reduce their bills.

The Numen energy system uses cloud-based technology to monitor energy consumption in real time. It was developed in collaboration with the CSIRO.

The Numen energy system collects real-time energy consumption data to provide insight into how a building's electrical infrastructure is working. It can identify inefficiencies and opportunities for energy reduction, safety monitoring, energy production and improved energy quality.

Numen is a Latin word which means the energy that resides within a place or object.

Ecocentric Energy was co-founded by Russell Wilson and Paul Lyons. Lyons was formerly a technical expert for the Formula One racing teams Williams and McLaren.


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